Moss, Mould and Lichen Removal

If you have a moss, mould or lichen problem you are at the right place! 

Talk to the Stratacote team for advice on the complete removal of all moss, mould and lichen from your building surfaces, be it a roof, wall, footpath or driveway.

4 key reasons to remove moss, mould and lichen growth:

  • Slippery & Hazardous: Lichen and mould growth makes footpaths and driveways slippery and dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. You should ensure these areas are free of such growth to prevent injury and accidents.
  • Surface Damage: Moss mould and lichen growth can also cause damage to roof and wall surfaces. You should remove such growth to prevent deterioration of your surfaces.
  • Health Hazard: Mould is a health hazard, particularly to anyone with respiratory problems. Whilst external mould growth may not cause health issues, it can be an indication or precursor to internal mould growth which comes with serious health concerns.
  • Unsightly: The unsightliness of moss, mould and lichen growth on any surface reduces street appeal and appearance, so if you are thinking of preparing your property for sale, removing such growth is advisable to increase street appeal. You should also be maintaining your surfaces to get the maximum life from them.
Before and After Moss & Mould removal on brick surface
Chimney Before and After Moss & Mould removal

Mould and Lichen growth should be removed from footpaths and pathways to prevent slipperiness
Mould and Lichen growth on footpaths, driveways and stairs are slippery and hazardous


Agent Blue

Available in variety of concentrates to suit your application.


This is a two step guide to your moss & mould cleaning project. If you'd like further help please feel free to Contact Us with the details of your project for any advice and guidance.

  1. Spray Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill on the moss or mould infected area. Leave the product to work away over time.
  2.  Repeat as needed.

Please note that different concentrates of Agent Blue require different mix amounts with water, please read the label on your selected Agent Blue concentrate and mix it with water as instructed on the label before application.

Agent Blue Moss & Mould Kill concentrate options are:



The Stratacote difference:

The Stratacote team recommend our highly active surface solution which kills the growth and when used on masonry surfaces it penetrates into the material to kill any tendrils and spore that have penetrated into the brick or mortar that could cause re-growth, it also has high residual properties which prevent re-growth and ensures your surface is free of any moss, mould or lichen for approximately 3 years! 

Check out the Stratacote Moss & Mould Kill product

Depending on your individual requirement, a Water Repellant treatment is recommended to be applied on porous surfaces to waterproof your surface and slow down the weathering process. By waterproofing porous bricks, it serves to create a drier and more thermally efficient home.

See if you have mould growth: How to tell if you have exterior mould growth

Talk to the Stratacote team for advice on moss, mould and lichen removal throughout New Zealand.


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