STRATA-100 | Epoxy coating for damp sealing

STRATA-100 is a 2 pack water-based (non-toxic & solvent free) epoxy high build coating used to seal & coat building materials such as concrete & timber, horizontal & vertical surfaces.

Most commonly used as a moisture barrier to damp proof concrete walls, inside basements, below ground car parks, concrete water tanks and sealing damp floors prior to overlays.

STRATA-100 cures to form an extremely durable water & chemical resistant barrier with superior adhesion to sound concrete, withstanding hydro-static pressure of up to 40 psi.

Approximate coverage is 5 to 8 square metres per litre per coat.

Available in 4L, 8L & 20L sets

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Key Features:

  • For tanking & waterproofing horizontal & vertical surfaces.

  • Suitable for below grade negative pressure waterproofing & damp proofing walls & floors

  • Withstands hydro-static pressure of up to 40psi

  • Can be applied to damp surfaces & withstands rising damp

  • Light Grey or White colour options

  • Non toxic & Solvent FREE

Note that although this is a moisture barrier, if drainage is not adequate these products will not prevent seepage or water pouring in when the water level outside the building is higher than inside. For example, if during a flood your whole street is underwater, water will still get into your house with or without strata-100. However Strata-100 is a fantastic product for damp-proofing your home. 

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