8L STRATA-100 Epoxy Sealer



Colour (Grey or White)

8L STRATA-100 Epoxy Sealer

STRATA-100 is a 2 pack water based, non toxic & solvent free epoxy high build coating used to seal & coat building materials such as concrete & timber.

Most commonly used as a moisture barrier to damp proof concrete walls, inside basements, below ground car parks, concrete water tanks and sealing damp floors prior to overlays.

STRATA-100 cures to form an extremely durable water & chemical resistant barrier with superior adhesion to sound concrete, withstanding hydro-static pressure of up to 40 psi.

STRATA-100 is recommended for internal applications, and as a primer coat and is not UV stable over long periods when applied as a top coat.

Approximate coverage is 5 to 8 square metres per litre per coat.

Key Features:

  • For tanking & waterproofing horizontal & vertical surfaces.
  • Suitable for below grade negative pressure waterproofing & damp proofing walls & floors
  • Withstands hydro-static pressure of up to 40psi
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces & withstands rising damp
  • Non toxic & Solvent FREE

Colour options available are White or Light Grey.

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