Concrete Sealer - 20L




Concrete Sealer 20L (Steel Drum)

High quality colour enhancer and protection coating.

Moderate gloss clear finish sealer for all imprinted, stenciled and coloured concrete. Can also be used for exposed aggregate and stone surfaces.

Provides a deep rich look to any concrete finish and offers a high resistance to acid, oil, grease and stains from organic matter.
Seals and dust proofs the surface while providing resistance to water, tire marking, scratching and marring in hot climates.
Primary design applications are horizontal surfaces however can be used vertically by limited capacity.
The primary life span depends on location and what it is subject to.

Apply with broom, roller, brush or spray.
Coverage 3-6m2 per L. In some instances, the first coat should be thinned 5-10% Concrete Sealer Thinners.

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