The Eternabond difference

Our Eternabond tapes have advanced micro sealant technology that will stop virtually any leak! Made in USA.

✓ For all roofs (TPO, EPDM, PVC, Rubbers, Metal, etc.)
✓ Also used for RV and motorhome leak repair.
✓ Stays flexible to -20⁰C.
✓ Environmentally friendly.
✓ Pressure activated.
✓ Fast & easy installation.
✓ No primer required for up to 4⁰C.
✓ Non hydroscopic.
✓ Fixes almost all non-plumbing water leaks.

Eternabond Roofseal Tape

For use on all roofs

✓ One step PERMANENT repair system for all roofs & roof accessories. When used on residential buildings, its recommended to eventually re-roof or restore the roof. 
✓ RV and Motorhome leak repair.
✓ UV stable.
✓ Available in White or Grey.
✓ Available in 100mm x 7.6m or 150mm x 7.6m.

Eternabond Webseal Tape

Perfect for making all roofs and surfaces watertight before coating is applied.

✓ Maximum conformability for irregular surfaces.
✓ Designed to hold all roof coatings, sealers or paint.
✓ Has a fabric backing
✓ Available in Grey.
✓ Available in 100mm x 15.2m or 150mm x 15.2m.

Compatible with the KS-80 system.


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