The Eternabond difference

Our Eternabond tapes have advanced micro sealant technology that will stop virtually any leak! Made in USA.

✓ For all roofs (TPO, EPDM, PVC, Rubbers, Metal, etc.)
✓ Also used for RV and motorhome leak repair.
✓ Stays flexible to -20⁰C.
✓ Environmentally friendly.
✓ Pressure activated.
✓ Fast & easy installation.
✓ No primer required for up to 4⁰C.
✓ Non hydroscopic.
✓ Fixes almost all non-plumbing water leaks.

Eternabond Roofseal Tape

For use on all roofs

✓ One step PERMANENT repair system for all roofs & roof accessories.
✓ RV and Motorhome leak repair.
✓ UV stable.
✓ Available in White or Grey.
✓ Available in 100mm x 7.6m, 150mm x 7.6m100mm x 15.2m, or 150mm x 15.2m.

Eternabond Webseal Tape

Perfect for making all roofs and surfaces watertight before coating is applied.

✓ Maximum conformability for irregular surfaces.
✓ Designed to hold all roof coatings, sealers or paint.
✓ Has a fabric backing
✓ Available in Grey.
✓ Available in 100mm x 15.2m or 150mm x 15.2m.

Eternabond Alumibond Tape

This tape has a 4 mil aluminum backing, for heavy duty applications. 

✓ Great for around drain pans, tanks and troughs.
✓ Creates moisture barrier.
✓ Fuses for rigid ductwork.
✓ Available in silver.
✓ Available in 50mm x 15.2m or 100mm x 15.2m.

Have a Question?

If you have a project that needs some Eternabond tape that you have questions about please tell us about it here. 

We will be in touch asap and let you know any additional information you may need.

We deliver New Zealand wide! from Stewart Island to Cape Reinga, from Haast to Chatham Islands, and everywhere in between!


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