5 Tips & Tricks for Controlling Moss, Mould & Lichen

In this blog we share 5 top tricks to get control of any moss, mould or lichen infestation you have around the home or building.

After prolonged periods of dry weather, give the target area a couple of watering sessions over a few days before applying Moss and Mould Formula.

Apply Agent Blue moss, mould & lichen kill, it is an aqueous and highly residual product which will re-activate each time it rains, giving long term results.

Moss and Mould likes shade and damp, where possible remove these sources.

Lichen growing on your tree’s will sap the tree’s growth and can cause rot in the trunk, treat with Agent Blue, it will not hurt the tree.

Bleach or bleach based products will only give short term results, due the appearance of working by burning the target area, which rapidly recovers.

For more information on Moss and Mould Control, read our blog: Understanding Moss, Mould & Lichen & how to control them


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