Understanding Moss, Mould & Lichen & how to control them

Understanding Moss, Mould & Lichen

Did you know that Moss, Mould, Algae, Lichen and Liverwort are members of the Byrophyte  family?  A non- vascular plant which breeds via spore transmission.  This means in simple terms they do not have a root system, consequently they do not draw nutrients and minerals out of the ground, and do not produce seeds or flowers. They reproduce via their spores being released into the atmosphere and being carried by air currents or a breeze.

This enables Byrophytes grow in a variety of habitats, such as on rocks, tin and tile roofs cement paths/ structures, even glass, indeed any area where grass and other plants struggle to survive. Their ability to grow in a range of environments is illustrated by the fact they are found growing from sea level to alpine areas, wet& dry, and hot to cold temperatures.

Whilst shade and moisture appear to be their preferred habitat, they can go for long periods of time in a dehydrated state due to lack of rainfall and then come back to life again in the cooler seasons where rainfall and a cool moist atmosphere is more prevalent. This explains why they appear to disappear in the Summer months and make a comeback in the Autumn and Winter season.

This makes Autumn and Winter the ideal time to embark upon your Moss and Mould control program on around your property.

Why control/elimination is necessary

Whilst moss, and lichens can enhance a garden if growing in selected areas, and give your landscape a well established look of a pre-historic time, they on the other hand can cause havoc if allowed to grow on footpaths, making them a slip and injury hazard, and damage the substrate of your building if allowed to become established due to moss tendrils penetrating deep into masonry & mortar surfaces.

How to control Moss, Mould & Lichen

Agent Blue is formulated from a Benzalkonium Chloride/Alkyl Benzyl solution. This formulation is deadly on Byrophytes and will not damage your grass flowers, shrubs and other plants. It is also highly residual which means each time it rains it re-activates and works again. Agent Blue is formulated at concentrations high enough to kill any infestation you have which may have developed a resistance to moss and mould formulas through being treated with weaker formulations of moss and mould kill which is readily available through retail outlets.

Check out Agent Blue moss, mould & lichen kill here: Agent Blue Products

A word of caution: Bleach based products which are formulated from Sodium Hypochlorite, will give an “instant” hit, and the appearance of working due to the natural salts in Bleach “burning” the target areas treated, but will not deliver long term results. Byrophytes will readily recover from this treatment, the other side effect of bleach based products is that it will burn the foliage of other non-target plants in the vicinity which get spray drift and in some cases kill the plant.

Agent Blue will not damage non target plants that get sprayed but at the same time is deadly on mosses, moulds, lichens, algae and liverworts ,  hence the slogan  “the one that works”

Finally, some tips and tricks to guide you on your crusade against Byrophytes around your property:

  • They love shade, remove the source of shade if possibly by pruning any limbs on trees if possible.
  • Remove any barren areas of lawn by tilling, and working in some mulch and seeding with grass


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