The economical re-roofing option for flat and low pitch roofs

Re-roofing, is always a major project, in terms of both work and money required to complete the task. However silicone roof coatings can change that by cutting about 50% of the cost in some cases. Read on for more info.

It’s a scenario a good deal of home or building owners are faced with. You have a nice architecturally designed and built house, or a building with a flat or low pitch roof  lined with butynol, torch on asphalt or a similar membrane that's approaching the end of its life. perhaps nails are starting to lift underneath the membrane and are creating small tears, the UV’s have done their job and the roof is starting to leak. Over the years you’ve also had various tradesmen up there, such as the aerial man and skylight Installer and the work they have done although helpful has compromised the integrity of the roof.

Does that sound familiar? If so read on because the Kemseal S-80 product is being used across NZ to remediate and extend roof life’s across NZ for another 10-15 years or more, and at roughly half the price of a rip up and re-lay!

How does Kemseal S-80 work?

In short Kemseal S-80 is a liquid silicone coating that’s applied across your entire low pitch roof to cure and form a protective membrane that is water proof and resistant to ponding. It forms an impenetrable barrier and will last for 10-15 years or more.

For more information & spec downloads check out the S-80 page HERE

Here are the main reasons Kemseal S-80 is the best re-roof method for you

  • Kemseal S-80 has an “elongation factor” of +/- 200%, put simply once the coating has cured it can be stretched to twice its size without weakening the membrane. This is a feature that is important in areas at high risk of Seismic activity (think New Zealand) where roof surfaces often experience a lot of movement that can cause other roof types to leak (iron etc).
  • Kemseal is available in either Grey or White, with the white colour providing heat reflective properties in line with 'Cool-Roof' specs to help to keep your building cool & reduce the cost of cooling in the warmer months.
  • Kemseal S-80 can be applied faster than many other roofing alternatives, getting the job done faster, the process goes like this:
  1. Clean your existing roof surface where Kemseal S-80 is to be applied.
  2. Apply a primer coat
  3. Apply 2 coatings of Kemseal - The roof is now completely water proof & ready for at least another 10-15 years wear & tear!
  • A Building owner who restores their roof with Kemseal S-80 silicone can generally expect to receive a significant cost saving of  50% compared to tear off and re-lay. 

In short the Kemseal S-80 provides you with one of the fastest & most durable remediation methods whilst also being among the most affordable

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Kemseal KS-80 can also be used to restore and prolong the life of Single Ply, built-up and Metal roofing.


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