Kemseal S-80 - Silicone roof waterproofing membranes

Low cost alternative to re-roofing (see the list of compatible roof types below)

Kemseal S-80 | Silicone roofing membrane

Kemseal S-80 silicone roof coatings are ideal for waterproofing roofs that are in need of renewal and restoration to protect and extend the life of your existing roof surface. It can be applied by simply rolling it onto your roof to provide a seamless and waterproof membrane that stands up to harsh weather and water ponding.

Most flat or low pitch roof surfaces are compatible with this system so enquire for more information.

Silicone membrane roof coating for sale in New Zealand
Kemseal S-80

Roll on application of silicone roof membrane coating
Applying Kemseal S-80

About Kemseal roof membranes:

Water & Weather Proof: Kemseal S-80 silicone membranes form a completely waterproof coating over your roof that withstands extreme weather and water ponding. The smooth finish also makes for a surface that's resistant to moss, mould & mildew growth

Speed: Silicone roof coatings are fast! roofing membranes are one of the fastest roofing systems to apply. Kemseal S-80 coatings can either be sprayed on or rolled on to provide a completely water proof surface over your entire roof in a fraction of the time an equivalent system takes.

Low Cost Alternative to Re roofing: Roof coatings are only a fraction of the cost to install compared to a relay or re-roof, making this the desirable option for any building owner. Also ideal for small repairs, difficult to access areas and internal gutters.

Durability: Kemseal silicone roofing membranes are extremely durable! an elongation factor of + or - 200% ensures that the membrane remains intact under building movement and stress, particularly in areas of seismic activity where other roofing systems fail and leak.

Cool Roof spec: When a white roof waterproofing membrane used it substantially decreases your buildings heat intake during the summer months. This helps to decrease your cooling costs and building temperature. Kemseal in white is the ideal coating for this.

Available in grey S-80G or white S-80W in 15L, 3L and 2L.

Compatible substrates and surfaces include but are not limited too: Butynol, Torch on, Concrete, Iron, Steel, EPDM, TPO, PVC and also other liquid applied membrane systems!

Many re-roofs can be avoided by a coating applied in time, Can yours be saved with a coating for a fraction of the cost?

Make sure you contact us here with any questions you have:

Kemseal S-80 is available for sale NZ wide through our approved applicators.

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