Masonry Water Repellent Treatments | Brick & Block Sealing

Despite popular belief Bricks, Concrete and other Masonry surfaces are not waterproof and do in fact ‘wick’ water (especially older surfaces). This can cause moisture to seep into the bricks and in severe cases causes leaking and dampness issues. However by applying a water repellent coating the water sheds off the surface instead of absorbing into the brick or concrete work, this not only keeps the bricks and your house dry, it also prevents spalling and freeze thaw damage. It’s important to note the coating required for bricks and masonry should be of a water repellent nature, not waterproof, as water repellent coatings still allow your bricks & surface to breath.

Top reasons to get your bricks and masonry surfaces treated with a water repellent:

  • Creates a highly effective barrier to water penetration and stops wicking
  • Still allows your masonry surface to breathe
  • By preventing water ingress, it also inhibits the growth of moss, mould & lichen
  • Prevent spalling (flaking) of brick and stone surfaces

Stratacote water repellents for bricks and masonry surface.

  1. Nanotech sealant – 7 to 10 year lifespan – View here
  2. Water based silicone – 3 to 4 year lifespan – View here

Water repellent coatings dry to form an invisible & breathable coating over bricks

At the time of application the coating is visible, however once it soaks into the brick and dries the brick/concrete/masonry surface returns to its original look whether that be dry or wet.

Talk to the Stratacote team for more information about application of water repellent treatments throughout New Zealand.

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