‚ÄčKemseal S-80 4L Liquid Silicone Membrane in White




Kemseal S-80 4L Liquid Silicone Membrane in White 

***Discontinued line - check availability prior to ordering***

Kemseal S-80 is a fluid applied (spray or roll) silicone membrane coating for re-waterproofing and restoring a large range of roofing systems, from Butynol, Iron and Torch to EPDM, PVC and more! 

Please note this is available in White.

1L covers = 2sqm once. However we recommend two coats. 

Also available in 2L and 15L.

To find out more about how the Kemseal S-80 works, click here: Kemseal S-80 information

This product was designed to be used in conjunction with the WBE primer. You can purchase the primer here.

SKU: KS-80W-4

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