Poly Urethane Sealant

Sikaflex®-11 FC Polyurethane Sealant - 300ml

Single component advanced polyurethane, elastic joint sealant and adhesive.

Sikaflex®-11 FC is a one-component, gun-grade, adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity. This dual-purpose material is based on a special moisture-cured polyurethane with an accelerated curing time for internal and external applications. Excellent adhesion to all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, wood, epoxy, polyester and acrylic resin.

Available in Grey or White.

Poly Urethane Sealant

Stratacote PU Sealant - 600ml Sausage

This sealant is a fast curing, chemical resistant filling compound for expansion joints and cuts. It's a high modulus sealant, is paintable and compatible with the Stratacote coating. Shrinkage is lower than 1%.

Excellent adhesion on most construction material including concrete, brick, wood, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, copper and various plastics.

Available in Grey or White.

Kemseal silicone tubes

Sausage & Cartridge Caulking Gun

This gun has a 340mm long fully enclosed barrel and fits the 600ml sealant sausages. Fits all 50mm diameter cartridges of any length. Quick release front cover to replace sausage or cartridge and the handle swivels 360 degrees for easy access. 

Piston & Nozzle included.

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