Driveway, Patio & Pathway Sealing

Sealing concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios and pathways has many benefits, the most obvious being the 'new look' being retained for many years after installation. Sealing your concrete surface also makes it easier to keep clean and prevents staining or damage if materials such as petrol or oil leak onto your driveway from a stationary vehicle. Seal your concrete driveways and patios to keep your surface looking new for longer and to protect it from wear and tear.

Other benefits of concrete sealing include: 

  • Prevents freeze-thaw action which causes flaking of concrete.
  • Prevents corrosion and staining as the impenetrable layer prevents salts, oils and chemicals from absorbing into the concrete
  • Adds value to your home, the added curb appeal of fresh looking concrete can marginally increase the value and attractiveness of your home to potential buyers.
  • Helps to prevent moss, mould & lichen growth, as moisture is repelled and cannot absorb into the concrete slab.
Driveway sealed by Stratacote applicator
Driveway sealed by Stratacote applicator

Patio area about to have its concrete sealed
Patio areas can be sealed for ease of cleaning


Concrete Sealer

Available in 20L. This is a DG product. 

Concrete Sealer Thinner

Available in 5L. This is a DG product. 

Hydrochloric Acid

Available in 5L and 20L. This is a DG product. 


This is a step by step guide to your concrete waterproofing project. If you'd like further help please feel free to Contact Us with the details of your project for any advice and guidance.

  • Ensure PPE gear is worn - rubber boots, safety goggles, and mask.
  • Thoroughly saturate the concrete surface being treated with water.
  • Apply diluted Hydrochloric Acid, using a watering can, and have a 2nd person brooming with a circular motion whilst it is reacting with the surface, ensuring no areas are missed.
  • Flush surface well before surface dries.
  • Ensure you have a clean, dry surface before applying concrete sealer.
  • Apply sealer using a brush and roller. Two coats gives best protection.
  • Clean up with Concrete Sealer Thinners.


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  • For safety wear gloves, safety glasses and mask.



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