Surface Cleaners

Moss, mould & lichen kill, Building wash, Lime and Scale Remover

Stratacote Moss, Mould & Lichen Remover

Agent Blue (Moss & Mould Kill)

Agent Blue moss & mould kill is formulated for effective & long lasting removal of moss, mould & lichen

Multipurpose cleaner

Multi Purpose Cleaner

Multi Purpose Cleaner is a highly versatile cleaner for use with water blasters, steam cleaners or manual cleaning. Cleans multiple surface types

Lime and scale remover

Lime & Scale Remover

Liquid descaler for removal of mineral deposits. Effective in cleaning lime marks, scale & efflorescence from a range of surfaces such as metal, stone, brick and other masonry surfaces. Safer than acid cleaners.

CT Concrete treatment

Concrete Treatment

Dricon CT is a new safe way to etch concrete and/or remove efflorescence and unwanted concrete or mortar build up.

Hydrochloric Acid 33%

Hydrochloric Acid (33%)

Hydrochloric (spirit of salts) is a highly concentrated, strong acid solutions. Ideal for etching masonry surfaces prior to painting and/or glazing.

Backset Dissolver

Back Set Cement Dissolver

Back Set is a dissolving formula for the removal of concrete, mortar and slurry build up from tools, vehicles and buildings. Removes fresh or old cement based build up.

Asphalt Dissolver

Asphalt Dissolver

Removes asphalt & bituminous build up off tools and vehicles. Ideal bitumen remover without the use of solvents or spirits.


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