No time to do the job yourself? Stratacote has an NZ wide network of applicators and service providers to do the job for you!

New Oamaru stone house thats been cleaned & sealed

Oamaru Stone Clean and Sealing | Oamaru Stone rewhitening

Stratacote Cleaning, re-whitening and water proofing treatment for Oamaru stone

Lichen growth on stairs prior to removal with a Moss Killer

Moss & Mould Kill | Moss, Mould & Lichen Removal

Let Stratacote remove Moss, Mould and Lichen from your building, paths, driveway with methods that provide long lasting re-growth prevention

Water beading on concrete sealed with water repellent

Masonry Water Repellent Treatments | Brick sealing

Stratacote has water proofing treatments for all concrete and masonry surfaces. Brick and Concrete sealing.

Concrete drive way sealed with epoxy sealant

Concrete Driveway Sealing | Patio & Pathway Sealing

Stratacote has the product for sealing new concrete driveways with an epoxy sealer keeps your concrete surface looking new and protects it from weather and traffic wear


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