Concrete & Masonry Saws

A full range of cutting machinery for diamond blades and wire. Hand Saws, Floor Saws, Wire Saws, Masonry Saws and more!

Hand Saws

Guarda concrete saw


Gurada saws are designed by concrete cutters especially for concrete cutters. Featuring a threaded exhaust outlet for 'Fume Tube' connection.

Engine Size: 93cc
Dry Weight: 11.75kg
Fuel Tank: 1L
Blade Size: Up to 410mm

Fume Tube

GUARDA - Fume Tube

Connects to the FTR095 exhaust outlet to extract exhaust fumes. Ideal for cutting indoors or in enclosed spaces where exhaust fumes can create a hazard. Enquire as to operational procedures.

Belle Hydraulic Saw

BELLE HDC01 Hydraulic Saw

Using hydraulic direct drive the Belle HDC01 maintains constant cutting speeds and torque without belts, pullys or excessive noise or exhaust fumes.

Blade Size: Up to 350mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 135mm

Ideal for cutting concrete, stone, brick, pipe and other aggregates quickly and cleanly. Duel function trigger for wet cutting with inbuilt water line. Cut vertacally, horizontally and underwater. Make in the UK

Floor Saws



The Alto FC350R is the ideal saw if your looking for a super fast, light and easy to use saw. Featuring screw feed blade depth adjustment and the Honda GX270 petrol engine to get it done.

Engine: Honda GX270 OHV (9HP)
Blade Size: Up to 355mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 120mm
Water Tank: 18L

Clipper Norton CS451


Clipper CS451 saws feature anti vibration handle bars along with optimised weight distribution through the location of the motor and tank. Delivering outstanding performance and user comfort.

Engine: Honda GX390 Cyclonic (13HP)
Blade Size: Up to 450mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 170mm
Water Tank: 25L
Hand Arm Vibrations: 2.8m/s


ALTO - FS500

The Alto FS500 provides high performance and versatility in one affordable machine along with a Honda GX390 to give peace of mind.

Engine: Honda GX390 OHV (13HP)
Blade Size: 250mm to 500mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 185mm
Water Tank: 18L and piping

Belle Ranger concrete saw for sale at Stratacote

BELLE - Ranger 450

The Belle Ranger is a high capacity floor saw built rugged in the UK to meet demands of tough materials and harsh working conditions. Ideal for any flooring or roading conditions.

Engine: Honda GX390 (13hp)
Blade Size: 400mm to 450mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 160mm
Water Tank: 50L corrosion resistant tank and hose connection

Wire Saws

Cedima Wire Saw


Cedima CSA-100 wire saws are a very well reputed machine for the execution of small and medium separating cuts by the means of diamond wire.

Engine: 20kw hydraulic
Max Working Pressure: 250 bar
Wire Storage: 6.5m + 1.5m

Cedima wire saw


Featuring a maximum out put of 24kw and the ability to retract up to 21m of diamond wire internally the Cedima CSA-1001H has the ability to perform and diamond wire cutting job.

Engine: 24kw hydraulic
Max Working Pressure: 250bar
Wire Storage: 14m or 21m with additiona storage rolls

Wall Saws

Cedima Wall Saw


Cedima wall saws are carefully designed to provide a user freindly wall saw system. The WS-296 comes with high frequency power and auto feed to get any job done.

Blade Size: Up to 1,000mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 430mm
Performance: 11kw
Weight: 31kg with motor, 22kg without motor

Cedima wall saw


The WS-451 is a electro-hydraulic wall saw with automatic feed and blade speed sensor equipment to keep the blade running - the anti jamming function adapts the feed automatically in case of decreasing blade speeds.

Blade Size: 600mm to 1,600mm
Cutting Depth: 730mm
Performance: 30kw

Brick and Tile Saws

Cedima brick saw for sale in nz


Designed for quick and precise cutting of pavers, bricks, clinkers, natural stone and other materials. A combination of stability and technical design make it ideal for every day use. Made in Germany

Motor: Electric
Blade Size:
Up to 400mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 135mm
Cutting Length: Up to 600mm
Mitre Cutting: From 0deg to 45deg

Cedima brick saw


Designed for cutting large sized blocks, concrete, Poroton or lime sand stone. CTS-265 saws enable the operator to separate stones quickly and precisely. Made in Germany.

Motor: Electric
Blade Size: Up to 650mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 265mm
Cutting Lenth:  Up to 500mm

Cedima brick saw

CEDIMA - CTS-375.2

This saw will complete any masonry cutting or sawing job. Especially designed for large dimension masonry cutting. Made in Germany.

Motor: Electric
Blade Size: Up to 1,000mm
Cutting Depth:  Up to 425mm
Cutting Lenth: Up to 950mm

OML tile saw for sale - Stratacote

OML - PRS-860

Professional saw for any site featuring a rigid, strong construction for precise cuts on tough tiles or stone. Includes a laser guide and crank handle for smooth cutting.

Motor: Electric 1.3hp single phase
Blade Size: Up to 200mm
Cutting Depth: Up to 32mm
Rip Cut: 860mm
Diagonal Cut: 600mm

OML tile saw

OML - PRS-1200

The PRS-1200 is a professional heavy duty saw for any site or workshop application. Powered by a  2.5hp single phase induction motor it cuts stone slabs and tiles with ease. Includes the stand, laser and water pump.

Motor: Electric 2.5hp single phase
Blade Size: Up to 250mm
Cutting Depth: 45mm
Rip Cut: 1,220mm
Diagonal Cut: 860mm


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