Diamond Blades

High quality diamond blades for Hand saws, Floor saws, Walls saws and more!


XDH1 Firetail diamond blade for hard concrete

Diamond Blades for Power Tools & Tile Saws

A full range of diamond blades for power tools & tile saws to cut a range of materials from sand stone to concrete, tiles & more!

Diamond Blades for Masonry Saws

Diamond blades for Brick Saws, Block Saws & CNC bridge saws. Diameters from 300mm to 500mm+

Diamond Blades for Hand Saws & Low Power Floor Saws

A full range of combination blades & professional blades for concrete & asphalt

Diamond Blades for Mid & High Power Floor Saws

Professional range diamond blades for mid to high power floor saws

Diamond Blades for Wall Saws

Fast cutting & long life blades for wall saws.

Specialised Diamond Blades

Specialty diamond blades for custom applications such as grooving concrete on runways, airport aprons, dairy sheds & more


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