Diamond Core Barrels and Re-tipping

Diamond core barrels and segments for high speed and life

Small Diameters 12mm to 45mm OD

Diamond core barrel crown - Stratacote

Crown - Standard

Standard crown provides good speed and life in soft to hard reinforced materials.

Cutting Speed: Good
Life: Good
Sizes: 13mm to 45mm

CDHS or CDP mount available

Diamond core drill crown

Crown - LL

The LL crown gives longer life and is used most often on drill rigs operating at a lower RPM.

Cutting Speed: Good
Life: Long
Sizes: 12mm to 45mm

CDHS or CDP mount available

Diamond Core drill - Stratacote

Crown - A

The A type crown provides the fastest drilling of steel reinforcing.

Cutting Speed: High
Life: Medium
Sizes: 13mm to 45mm

CDHS or CDP mount available

Large Diameters - 50mm plus

CDX core barrel drill - Stratacote

CDX - Industrial Quality

The CDX barrels are laser welded for economical drilling. A good combination of speed and life at an economical price point.

Cutting Speed: Good
Life: Good
Segments: 10mm pointed segments

PRO-S diamond core barrel - Stratacote

PRO-S - Professional Quality

Pro-S core drills offer long life drilling at very good speeds. Suitable for soft material through to harder reinforced concrete. Extremely versatile and tough drills.

Cutting Speed: Very good
Life: Very long
Sizes: 50mm to 250mm
Segments: 10mm pointed

XD diamond core barrels

XD - Professional Quality

XD core barrels feature diamond placement technology that ensures smooth and fast drilling in hard to soft reinforced concrete at low feed pressures.

Cutting Speed: Very high
Life: Good
Segments: 12mm pointed segments

core barrel for asphalt

Asphalt - Industrial Quality

This core barrel provides high accuracy and long life in abrasive materials.

Cutting Speed: Good
Life: Long
Sizes: 50 to 600mm
Segments: 10mm

Core Barrel Re-Tipping

Stratacote offers a full diamond core drill re-tipping service, helping you to manage the cost of core drilling by re-tipping your spent barrels.

Advantages of the Stratacote re-tip service for core drill barrels:

  • Re-tipping costs less than a new barrel - Reducing your consumable expense.
  • Barrels can be re-tipped several times before wall thickness wears down and replacement is required.
  • Stratacote collect spent barrels and return to you onsite when re-tipped - Making it easy for you.
  • Barrel exchange service available to selected customers and barrel sizes when time is of the essence - Keeping you working while your barrel is being re-tipped.

Stratacote re-tip service includes a barrel inspection to ensure it will last another round of high performance drilling. Checking for torsion, twisting and the wall thickness itself. Once its determined to be fit for re-tipping the barrel is reconditioned and re-tipped for return to the customer.

Custom Rigs and Drills

Talk to us today about your custom drill and rig requirements.

Custom diamond drill rigs - Stratacote

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