Brick Layers Equipment

Quality tools and equipment for brick & block layers

Brick saw in action cutting bricks - Stratacote

Diamond Blades

A full range of diamond blades for cutting & raking a range of brick, block & substrate types. Sizes to suit brick saws, hand saws and power tools.

Brick Tools - Stratacote

Hand Tools

A full range of high quality hand tools from Brushes, Trowels, Hammers and Brick Tongs to Profiles and Wheel Barrows

Safety Equipment

Keep your site safe with Stratacote's range of safety equipment. Glasses, Gloves, Sunscreen & Earmuffs

Stratacote Brick Tie

Hardware (Brick Ties & Weepa)

A full range of BRANZ approved Brick Ties, Brick Lock & Corner. Galvanised & Stainless steel available.

Drymix portland cement

Cement & Mortar

A full range of premixed cements and mortars for brick & block work, including a range of heritage grade slaked lime for building restoration.

Stratacote additives

Cement & Mortar Additives

Additives to increase cement and mortar workability.

  • Plasticiser to increase handling characteristics
  • Accelerator for use in mortars and cements in cold weather.

Acids & Cleaners

A full range of acids and cleaners for use on finished surfaces and tools.
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Back-Set
  • Other treatments
Silicone Masonry Sealer


A full range of surface sealants for bricks, blocks & stone.
  • Bitumen Sealants
  • Silicone Masonry Sealants
  • Nano-tech Sealants
Stratacote Power Tools


Stratacote stocks and supplies a full range of power equipment from high quality global suppliers.

  • Brick Saws
  • Tile Saws
  • Mixers

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