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Brick Layers Equipment

Quality tools and equipment for brick & block layers

Brick saw in action cutting bricks - Stratacote

Diamond Blades

A full range of diamond blades for cutting & raking a range of brick, block & substrate types. Sizes to suit brick saws, hand saws and power tools.

Safety Equipment

Keep your site safe with Stratacote's range of safety equipment. Glasses, Gloves, Sunscreen & Earmuffs

Stratacote Brick Tie

Hardware (Brick Ties & Weepa)

A full range of BRANZ approved Brick Ties, Brick Lock & Corner. Galvanised & Stainless steel available.

Drymix portland cement

Cement & Mortar

A full range of premixed cements and mortars for brick & block work, including a range of heritage grade slaked lime for building restoration.

Stratacote additives

Cement & Mortar Additives

Additives to increase cement and mortar workability.

  • Plasticiser to increase handling characteristics
  • Accelerator for use in mortars and cements in cold weather.

Acids & Cleaners

A full range of acids and cleaners for use on finished surfaces and tools.
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Back-Set
  • Other treatments
Silicone Masonry Sealer


A full range of surface sealants for bricks, blocks & stone.
  • Bitumen Sealants
  • Silicone Masonry Sealants
  • Nano-tech Sealants
Brick Tools - Stratacote

Hand Tools

A full range of high quality hand tools from Brushes, Trowels, Hammers and Brick Tongs to Profiles and Wheel Barrows

Stratacote Power Tools


Stratacote stocks and supplies a full range of power equipment from high quality global suppliers.

  • Brick Saws
  • Tile Saws
  • Mixers

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