Bricklaying Hardware

Brick ties, Weepa and other hardware for bricklaying jobs

Brick Ties

Brick Ties - BRANZ approved

A full range of galvanised and stainless steel BRANZ approved Brick ties for New Zealand bricklayers. All sizes available in Hot dip galvanised or Stainless steel.

Size range:

  • 85mm (x500 per box, incl 520 timber screws)
  • 110mm (x400 per box, incl 416 timber screws)
  • 135mm (x350 per box, incl 365 timber screws)

Stratacote also stock a range of Brick Lock & Brick Lock corner in galvanized and stainless steel.

Brick layers Weepa

Weepa Protector Hole Screen

Ideal for cavity ventilation, drainage & keeping pests out of wall cavity's.

x20 Pack


Weepa - 70mm Kiwi

Ideal for cavity ventilation, drainage and keeping pests out! Green mortar protector is removed to give a clean surface after construction is complete.


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