Kemseal PU | Poly Urethane Membrane

Highly elastic membrane coating for a broad range of surfaces and building materials

Kemseal PU | Poly Urethane Waterproofing Membrane

Kemseal PU is a fluid applied single compoment elastometric polyurethane membrane coating that cures to provide a tough, highly elastic seamless waterproof membrane layer. It can be used to waterproof building surfaces and extend the life of existing roofing membranes and surfaces such as: Granulated Bitumen, Single Ply (EPDM, PVC & TPO), BUR, Metal Roofs.

In exposed situations Kemseal PU should be over coated with Kemseal S-80 white to provide a UV resistant coating.

Color: Grey/White
Weatherability: UV resistant, May be top coated with Kemseal S-80 in exposed situations
Adhesion: Bonds to suitably prepared and primed surfaces such as aged ashpalt, EPDM, concrete, fibreglass, metal, modified bitumen and most other coatings or surfaces.
Elongation: 600% +/- 10%

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