XFT Tile Blades

For super fast cutting in porcelain & ceramic tile products

Durostar Pro Blade

For engineered stone & granite

XPDT Deep Tooth Blade

Deep tooth blade for cutting in soft & abrasive materials such as limestone, pavers & concrete block

General Purpose Blades (Turbo & Segmented)

General purpose 'all-rounder' turbo & segmented blades for building materials

Italdiamant Dekton Blade

For smooth fast cuts in Dekton & super hard material. Made in Italy

Cyclone Orange

For general purpose stone shop work in granite, recon or hard stone.

Diamantek Cut & Grind Blade

Ideal for masonry shaping & sculpting work. Enables you do diamond grind & cut with one tool

XPL Wide Cut Blades

For decorative cutting & mortar raking. 5mm or 10mm thick

Tuck Pointing & Concrete Chasing Blades

XPCC: V-shaped crack chasing blade for use in hard concrete & clay bricks
XPTP: V-shaped tuck point blade for use in mortar & green concrete


Accessories for power tool diamond cutting discs


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