Diamond Blades for Hand Saws & Low Power Floor Saws

For hand saws or floor saws up to 18hp

Combination Blades

Diamantek DD1 Combination Blades

Designed to cut a range of soft to hard materials such as concrete, asphalt & general construction materials.

ML Economy Combination Blade

Good life & speed for economy users. Ideal for cutting a mix of concrete & asphalt

XSC Premium Combination Blades

Excellent life & speed. Ideal for cutting a mix of concrete & asphalt

Professional Blades for Concrete

XWX Blade

Economy blade for concrete, reinforced concrete & hard materials. Aggressive X segment for bite.

XDH1 Blade

This is the ultimate for high performance cutting in reinforced concrete.

Professional Blades for Asphalt

ML Black Asphalt Blade

Ideal for economy cutting of asphalt and soft/abrasive materials

XSC Blade

Premium blade for high speed cutting & long life in asphalt & soft/abrasive material


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