Diamantek Cut & Grind Diamond Blade

Diamantek Cut & Grind carver blade

Many stone & masonry workers will know the frustration having to change tools many times through a job to alternate between cutting & grinding tasks for shaping of a sculpture, benchtop or other work piece.

The new Diamantek Cut/Grind blade now allows you to cut & grind surfaces in the one tool!

Available in 125mm diameter | DCG125

Diamantek Cut and Grind Blade

Side 1 | Cutting

Side 1 of the blade is similar in look to many other turbo cutting blades for fast clean cuts in most materials.

Side 1 of the Diamantek Cut Grind blade

Side 2 | Grinding

Side 2 of the blade is similar in look to the grinding face of many cup wheels. with sufficient diamond area for grinding surfaces. Note the outer turbo edges to assist in cutting tasks.

Flush cut adaptor

Flush Cut Capable

The Diamantek Cut/Grind Blades come with pre-drilled mounting holes for flush cut flanges. Flush cut flanges are available upon request. M14 thread for 22.23 Arbour

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