Why repairing a Butynol roof on time is better than replacing a Butynol roof

Why repairing a Butynol roof on time is better than replacing a Butynol roof

The question often is raised "do I repair my roof or replace it". Ideally, a thorough repair job is the most cost-effective method for a number of reasons. 

This is why it pays to get your roof inspected and repaired if necessary when necessary. If the roof is let go and it becomes compromised, there will always most certainly be more water damage to the roof structure, electrical wiring and ceilings.

If you have to replace the roof, it is likely that you need to do the following. Install edge protection and scaffolding. Pay for the time taken to rip up the roof membrane and pay for the disposal of it. 

Then if the roof has been let go that long, there could well be repair work required on the structure before a replacement membrane is applied. 

Roof Repair and restoration involves a thorough assessment of the entire roof and a holistic decision being made that the roof is still at the repair/restore stage. Then the roof can be cleaned and any damage repaired before an application of Kemseal KS-80 Liquid silicone membrane is applied. 

The advantage of Kemseal is that for a fraction of the cost of a rip-up and re-lay, the roof is restored with a product that is one of the most UV durable of all coating on the market (Great for NZ with its UV index rating) can withstand ponded water, and is flexible, can stretch with thermal and seismic activity. 

Kemseal KS-80 in White colour also meets the US cool roof specifications, which can help with keeping the interior temperature of your dwelling down in summer. 

As mentioned above, Prevention is better than cure. In many ways, there is no substitute for a pro-active maintenance plan which works ahead of time to address any issues an aging roof will incur before they become troublesome. 

In conclusion, if you wait for your first leak, you have likely let your roof go unattended for too long. 


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