Freeze Thaw Cycles and The Sustainability Of Your Walls

What Is A Freeze Thaw Cycle?

A freeze thaw cycle is very simple.

  1. Water (rain or dew) collects in a crack or dent.

  2. As the water freezes (only takes a frosty morning), it expands. Ice takes up more room than water, so the space has to expand to fit the ice.

  3. The ice melts, leaving a larger crack or dent than was started with.

How Does This Effect My Walls?

The good news is the walls probably aren’t going to fall down tomorrow, this will take hundreds of years. The 150-year-old limestone buildings in Oamaru have some roughness caused in part by freeze thaw cycles – but not deep enough fissures yet to compromise the strength of the buildings – so you are probably safe for a long while.

However if you want to protect your walls from freeze-thaw cycles, you can do a lot about it before even the minor erosion starts. Read about our Silicone Masonry Sealers Here.


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