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Stratacote Diamond Tools

Are you looking for affordable, quality Diamond tooling which will make you more money?

We have Exceptional diamond tooling designed to give maximum productivity and durability at affordable prices.

  • Fast, high speed cutting, drilling & grinding, requiring less power draw from your machine
  • Exceptional life, proven durability & extended cutting life on all our products.
  • Performance beyond expectations, product matched to the capability of your machine, with our wealth of industry knowledge

Use Stratacote Diamond tools to complete jobs faster,  reduce costs, increase your bottom line and move onto the next job ahead of schedule!

Stratacote Masonry Supplies

Tired of being held up in traffic? Delays at trade counters? Ever wondered where that one stop shop was with a Comprehensive range, onsite delivery, expert advice, the complete bundle?

Shop with us to access product of the highest quality and performance, with contactless daily delivery to site, saving you time and money.

  • Complete range of masons and brick tools
  • Quality products affordably priced
  • Fully backed up by Stratacote service and technical expertise

We make your life easier, that hard job easy, and we keep you safe by bringing the tools and supplies to you, allowing you to make more money by giving you more time to do what you do best.

Stratacote Surface Protection

Need a professional cost effective solution to restore the roof, clean and seal the Masonry exterior, or just get rid of unsightly moss mould & lichen infestation?

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes and long term solutions for our clients

  • Our products are cost affordable, durable & UV stable
  • Easy to apply with common sense instructions
  • Proven performance in New Zealand & Overseas

Stratacote surface protection,  future proofs, protects and enhances the appearance of your building, giving you peace of mind and a renewed sense of pride in your property. We are committed to best practise and operationally agile.

Bust Dust to prevent Silicosis!

Silicosis is an irreversible & progressive disease that causes fibrosis of the lungs, the only known treatment for advanced cases of disease is a lung transplant. While New Zealand currently has noRead more

Wet & Dry Brick Saw! Sima Handy 350

By now anyone in the stone, brick or masonry trade would have received plenty of information around the evils of dry cutting & the adverse health affects it can have if measures are not taken toRead more

5 Tips & Tricks for Controlling Moss, Mould & Lichen

In this blog we share 5 top tricks to get control of any moss, mould or lichen infestation you have around the home or building. 1) After prolonged periods of dry weather, give the target area aRead more

Understanding Moss, Mould & Lichen & how to control them

Did you know that Moss, Mould, Algae, Lichen and Liverwort are members of the Byrophyte  family?  A non- vascular plant which breeds via spore transmission.  This means in simple terms they do notRead more

COVID-19 Service Update

With the recent announcement from the NZ government concerning the intention to move to alert level 3 we here at Stratacote have put the following operating guide together to guide all StratacoteRead more

New Catalogue: Diamond Tool & Masonry Equipment

Download your copy of the latest Stratacote catalogue for Diamond Tools & Masonry EquipmentRead more

New Range: Marshalltown Tools

Brickies, Tilers & Tradies! Marshalltown tools are now available at Stratacote! We will have more info on this coming soon but in the meantime see some of the most popular brick trowels below!Read more

Diamantek Cut & Grind Diamond Blade

Many stone & masonry workers will know the frustration having to change tools many times through a job to alternate between cutting & grinding tasks for shaping of a sculpture, benchtop or other workRead more

October Brick Tie Promo!

Buy your Brick Ties from Stratacote for the month of October and get rewarded! Purchase x7 or x12 bags/tubs of brick ties for the month of October 2019 and receive a free Hunting & Fishing voucher (Read more

Siliencio v Conventional Diamond Blades

Stratacote's range of silencio diamond blades provides a range of high quality, fast cutting, long life diamond blades for cutting a range of substrates silently.  Watch the video below where ScottRead more

Importance of garden maintenance around Oamaru stone

Maintaining gardens and plant growth around Oamaru stone structures is strongly recommended to prevent surface damage to the stone. A failure to do so can result in visual defects in the stone, see tRead more

How to re-waterproof your Caravan/ Camper roof

As a country we kiwi's love our outdoors, and this is never more apparent than through the warmer summer months when we all go to find our own slice of this beautiful country. Read more



Masonry Testimonial

“Scott is a good bugger and brilliant to deal with. Time is money, and working with Scott means I can spend more productive time on site working for my customers”

Mike | Christchurch, NZ

Surface Protection Testimonial

"Thank you for your awesome service. I am extremely happy with the results and time Scott put in to make my house look beautiful again. I also appreciate the advice given so that I can keep my house this way"

Janice | Geraldine

Surface Protection Testimonial

“Thank you very much for your assistance and the supply. The delivery was done as promised and I started working on the walls this morning. I know this is soon but here is what I have found so far – a picture is worth a thousand words, thanks”  

Sam | Temuka, NZ

Diamond Tool Testimonial

“Scott is easy to deal with, goes the extra mile and knows his stuff. He gets us the blades we need when we need them, saving me time and money"

Scott | Christchurch, NZ


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