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New Catalogue: Diamond Tool & Masonry Equipment

Download your copy of the latest Stratacote catalogue for Diamond Tools & Masonry EquipmentRead more

New Range: Marshalltown Tools

Brickies, Tilers & Tradies! Marshalltown tools are now available at Stratacote! We will have more info on this coming soon but in the meantime see some of the most popular brick trowels below!Read more

Diamantek Cut & Grind Diamond Blade

Many stone & masonry workers will know the frustration having to change tools many times through a job to alternate between cutting & grinding tasks for shaping of a sculpture, benchtop or other workRead more

October Brick Tie Promo!

Buy your Brick Ties from Stratacote for the month of October and get rewarded! Purchase x7 or x12 bags/tubs of brick ties for the month of October 2019 and receive a free Hunting & Fishing voucher (Read more

Siliencio v Conventional Diamond Blades

Stratacote's range of silencio diamond blades provides a range of high quality, fast cutting, long life diamond blades for cutting a range of substrates silently.  Watch the video below where ScottRead more

Importance of garden maintenance around Oamaru stone

Maintaining gardens and plant growth around Oamaru stone structures is strongly recommended to prevent surface damage to the stone. A failure to do so can result in visual defects in the stone, see tRead more

How to re-waterproof your Caravan/ Camper roof

As a country we kiwi's love our outdoors, and this is never more apparent than through the warmer summer months when we all go to find our own slice of this beautiful country. Read more

All you need to know about Silicone roof coatings

Silicone roof coatings (rubber roof paint) are the most popular roofing membranes in New Zealand, here we will spell out a few reasons why, and also tell you all you need to know about them.Read more

7 Care & maintenance tips for Oamaru Stone

Whether it be a fence, wall or house, if you built with Oamaru stone you probably did so because of its charm and beautiful appearance. However over time if its not cared for properly it can becomeRead more

The economical re-roofing option for flat and low pitch roofs

Re-roofing, is always a major project, in terms of both work and money required to complete the task. However silicone roof coatings can change that by cutting about 50% of the cost in some cases. ReRead more

Why use Lime Mortar?

The History of Lime Putty as a base ingredient for mortar and plaster can be traced back beyond the middle ages and roman times to the ancient Egyptians, some 6000 years ago when it was a standardRead more

How to recognise mould

On painted surfaces mould looks like dirt and frequently the two cannot be distinguished. The most common species are black but others may be brown or green. By wetting the surface and rubbing, mouldRead more


AGENT BLUE - Ready To Go

Pre-mixed moss, mould & lichen kill.
Buy online for $66 (free freight)


Westmix Cyclo-Drive Mixer

High capacity offset chain drive mixers (1440rpm motor)


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